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The northern Swan Range -- home to the Jewel Basin Hiking Area and Alpine Trail No. 7, is the rugged backyard and scenic backdrop of the Flathead Valley. From Inspriation Pass to Columbia Mountain, the northern Swan supports our unique way of life and contributes much to the natural beauty and economic prosperity of the entire Flathead Valley. This website is dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of the northern Swan Range. Now is the time to act for the future of the Swan.

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Swan Rangers Hike Strawberry Lake!

There's still a bit of snow and ice at Strawberry Lake! (Norma Linsky photo)

Fifteen Swan Rangers hiked to Strawberry Lake on a partly sunny Saturday, May 28, 2016!

The Rangers report the trail is in great shape and that huckleberries look very promising for later this summer!

Click here for a map of the Strawberry Lake Trail.


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Swan Rangers Hike Sprunger-Whitney!

The Rangers read an interpretive sign along the trail. (Keith Hammer photos)

Ten Swan Rangers hiked the Sprunger-Whitney Nature Trail on Saturday, May 21, 2016!

The trail is maintained by Friends of the Wild Swan through a lease with the Swan River State Forest and interprets the dynamics of old growth forests while identifying plants and trees!

Click here for a map and description.


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Swan Rangers Hike Bear-Wolf-Elk!

A view of Flathead Lake from Elk Spring! (Norma Linsky photo)

Nine Swan Rangers hiked the old Bear Creek Road to Wolf Creek, with half continuing up to Broken Leg Trail and Elk Spring on Saturday, May 14!

There's lots of water flowing out of the mountainsides and in the streams!


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Swan Rangers Hike Phillips Backwards!

Lunch and a great view of Flathead Lake! (Roger Benson photos)

Eight Swan Rangers hiked the Phillips Trail from the Estes Lake trailhead down to the overlook of Flathead Lake on a sunny Saturday, May 7!

Starting at the Estes Lake trailhead rather than the Phillips trailhead adds a bit of trail somewhat parallel to the Crane Mountain Road, but either saves a lot of climbing from the Beardance trailhead along Hwy 35!

Click here for a map.


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Swan Rangers Hike Krause-Peters Loop!

Overlooking Echo and Flathead Lakes from Peters Ridge Road! (Keith Hammer photos)

Seventeen Swan Rangers hiked up Krause Creek and down Peters Ridge Road on a sunny Saturday, April 30, 2016!

They encountered only a little snow, lots of wildflowers and a lot of winter deadfall across the old Krause Basin road!


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Swan Rangers Hike Foggy Switchback!

Big trees in the fog! (Keith Hammer photos)

Sixteen Swan Rangers hiked the Switchback Trail on a foggy, but better than rainy, Saturday, April 23!

They encountered enough snow to turn back only a few switchbacks into the old burn area.

Click here for a map of the Switchback Trail.

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Swan Rangers Hike Krause Basin!

A pileated woodpecker peers out from its nesting hole! (Keith Hammer photos unless otherwise noted)

Twenty-five Swan Rangers broke into two groups and hiked Krause Basin on Saturday, April 16, 2016!

One group braved deeper snow and came across bear tracks while the other group stayed dry and came across nesting pileated woodpeckers!


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Swan Rangers Hike Woods Bay to Estes Lake!

Flathead Lake's Woods Bay seen from below Estes Lake. (Keith Hammer photos)

Seventeen Swan Rangers hiked from Woods Bay to Estes Lake on a warm, sunny Saturday, April 9!

Wildflowers are beginning to bloom in the sunny, rocky areas of Crane Mountain, with temps hitting the 70s!


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Swan Rangers Hike Bond Falls!

The trail to Bond Lake gets pretty snowy beyond Bond Falls! (Norma Linsky photo)

Seventeen Swan Rangers hiked to Bond Falls on a sunny Saturday, April 2, 2016!

From there on the trail gets pretty snowy!

Click here for a map of the Bond Creek Trail.


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