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The northern Swan Range -- home to the Jewel Basin Hiking Area and Alpine Trail No. 7, is the rugged backyard and scenic backdrop of the Flathead Valley. From Inspriation Pass to Columbia Mountain, the northern Swan supports our unique way of life and contributes much to the natural beauty and economic prosperity of the entire Flathead Valley. This website is dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of the northern Swan Range. Now is the time to act for the future of the Swan.

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Swan Rangers Hike Johnson Creek Road!

A sunny day sandwiched between rainy weeks! (Keith Hammer photos unless otherwise noted)

Eleven Swan Rangers hiked the Johnson Creek Road on a sunny Saturday, April 22, 2017!

The logging road leaves Hwy 83 just north of the Bigfork Gun Club, is closed to motor vehicles and provides access to the area between Broken Leg and Sixmile mountains - thanks to the gracious access provided by Stoltze Land and Lumber Company.

It eventually joins with the Forest Service's Sixmile Sidehill Trail to Weed Lake at its west end, though this map does not show the road!

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Swan Rangers Hike Phillips Trail!

Squalls and wind on Flathead Lake! (Keith Hammer photos unless otherwise noted)

Fourteen Swan Rangers hiked the Phillips Trail on a somewhat squally Saturday, April 15, 2017!

There was surprisingly little snow - as in none as far as the Flathead Lake overlook!

Click here for a map of the Phillips Trail on Crane Mountain.


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Swan Rangers Hike Muddy Jewel!

The morning was sunny and warm! (Keith Hammer photos)

Ten Swan Rangers hiked State Forest land between Mud Lake and Jewel Basin Road during the sunny part of Saturday, April 8, 2017!

DNRC's old logging units are thawing off sooner than the surrounding forests and offering signs of early green-up.


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Swan Rangers Ski Blacktail Again!

Nearing the top of the Alpine Loop! (Norma Linsky photo)

Five Swan Rangers took another "last ski" on the Blacktail ski trails on Saturday, April 1, 2017!

No fooling: North Shore Nordic decided to groom one more weekend so the Rangers followed suit!


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Swan Rangers Ski Blacktail Nordic Trails!

The Swan Range seen from Blacktail Mountain! (Keith Hammer photos)

Ten Swan Rangers skied the Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails on a mostly sunny Saturday, March 25, 2017!

It was a search for skiable snow - with the backcountry turning to mush, the Foothills/Bigfork Ski Area no longer skiable, and this perhaps the last weekend for Blacktail grooming as well!

Remember, North Shore Nordic grooms both ski trail systems and relies on your donations!


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Swan Rangers Hike Swan River Nature Trail!

Swan River and Swan Range above the dam. (Keith Hammer photos)

Seven Swan Rangers hiked the Swan River Nature Trail near Bigfork on a rainy Saturday, March 18, 2017!

The Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork has proposed to expand the trail system on PacifiCorp lands on both sides of the river in this area!

Click here for a news article announcing a public meeting about the trail plan this Wednesday, March 22, and providing a link to the trail plan map!


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Swan Rangers Ski Bog Road!

Bog Road is a great place to view the Swan Range on a sunny day! (Keith Hammer photos unless otherwise noted)

Thirteen Swan Rangers skied Bog Road in the Swan River National Wildlife Refuge on a warm and sunny Saturday, March 11, 2017!

They saw tracks of weasel, otter, coyote and more - and celebrated Spring Equinox ten days early on the first big "thaw day" of 2017!

Click here for info on the Swan River National Wildlife Refuge.


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Swan Rangers Ski Browns, Snowshoe Krause!

A snow squall moves in from the Flathead Valley! (Keith Hammer photo)

Twelve Swan Rangers broke into two groups on a somewhat squally, somewhat sunny Saturday, March 4, 2017!

Half skied into Browns Gulch via the left fork of the Peters Ridge Road (#5385) and half snowshoed in Krause Basin!

Click here for a map of the Peters Ridge Road.


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Swan Rangers Ski Foothills!

Under a spreading hemlock tree a noisy creek does run! (Keith Hammer photo)

Fourteen Swan Rangers skied the nicely groomed Bigfork Community Nordic Center on an otherwise boilerplate Saturday, February 25, 2017!

They managed to lose track of one another before leaving the parking lot, but didn't get lost on the well mapped trail system!

The trails are groomed by North Shore Nordic, so remember to make a donation to NSN if you use and enjoy them!


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