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The northern Swan Range -- home to the Jewel Basin Hiking Area and Alpine Trail No. 7, is the rugged backyard and scenic backdrop of the Flathead Valley. From Inspriation Pass to Columbia Mountain, the northern Swan supports our unique way of life and contributes much to the natural beauty and economic prosperity of the entire Flathead Valley. This website is dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of the northern Swan Range. Now is the time to act for the future of the Swan.

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Swan Rangers Take Smokey Stroll!

Washington smoke colors a Swan Range sunrise! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers took a smokey stroll in Krause Basin on Saturday, July 19, 2014!

They hiked a loop through Cottonwood Bottom, digging water bars and diverting a stream that was running down the trail, trimming back some alder brush, then checking on a bit of trail they'd etched in along Krause Creek a couple weeks ago.

Click here for a map showing the network of these trails in the Krause Basin area (select the Swan Lake Ranger District - North Half map).

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Sixmile Trail Cleared Above Alpine 7 140712

The Swan Rangers cleared several deadfall from the Sixmile Lookout Trail above Alpine Trail #7 on Saturday, July 12, 2014!

Motorcycles were starting a nasty detour around the deadfall pictured below, which the Rangers removed with hand saw and a nearby dead wood lever.

The Forest Service had already cleared the trail up to Alpine #7, so it is now in good condition all the way to Sixmile Peak!


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Swan Rangers Hike and Clear Sixmile Trail!

Sixmile offers great views long before reaching the peak! (Keith Hammer photos)

Seventeen Swan Rangers hiked Sixmile Lookout Trail on Saturday, July 12, with ten continuing on to the peak!

Beargrass blooms are awsome, the Forest Service cleared the trail to Alpine 7, and the Rangers cleared deadfall from there to the top!

Only a few patches of snow remain on the trail and the numerous streams are running clear and cool!

Click here for a map of the Sixmile Lookout Trail.


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Swan Rangers Hike and Repair Peters Ridge Trail!

Wildflowers, switchbacks, Flathead Lake and canola fields! (Keith Hammer photos)

Thirteen Swan Rangers hiked and repaired the Peters Ridge Trail on Saturday, July 5, 2014!

It was a beautiful day with a cool breeze and the trail is free of snow as far as the Swan Crest!

Click here for a map of the Peters Ridge Trail.


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Swan Rangers Enjoy 50% Precipitation 100%!

A 50% view of the Flathead Valley! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers enjoyed a 50% chance of precipitation 100% while hiking the Bear Creek Road and Peterson Creek Trail as far as Patterson Creek on Saturday, June 28, 2014!

They never did find that "sucker hole" of blue sky that drifted by the Cafe during breakfast, but had a good time getting wet together anyway!

Click here for a map of the Peterson Creek Trail and Bear Creek Road.


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Tread Repaired in Switchback Trail 6/22/14!

Swan Rangers repaired two slumps in the Switchback Trail, cleared brush, and removed two deadfall logs - with many thanks to the guy with the chainsaw that recently cleared the rest of the dozens of deadfall!

Click "Read Full Article," below, to see more photos of how the two slumps were repaired!


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Swan Rangers’ Summer Solstice Switchbacks!

Switchback Trail offers great views of Mud, Echo and Flathead Lakes! (Keith Hammer photos)

Sixteen Swan Rangers hiked the 79-switchback Switchback Trail on Summer Solstice Saturday, June 21, 2014!

They broke into a couple groups, reached the junction with Alpine Trail #7, turned around due to the snow pack there, and hiked 79 switchbacks on the way down also!

Due to the switchbacks, this trail is of moderate grade and a pleasant way to gain elevation, great views, and some right-brain/left-brain exercise!

Click here for a map of the Switchback Trail.


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Swan Rangers’ Sluggish Hike to Mission Lookout!

One of many slugs out in their element! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers hiked to Mission Lookout on a very rainy Saturday, June 14, 2014!

They were joined breifly by a couple dozen slugs, but they just couldn't keep up!

Parking at Highway 83 and Porcupine Road makes a nice 8-mile-round hike of what can otherwise be driven in summer.

Click here for information on locating or renting the Mission Lookout.


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Trail Tread Slumps Repaired on Strawberry Lake Trail 6/9/14

Swan Rangers repaired two major slumps in the Strawberry Lake Trail tread while a Forest Service chainsaw crew cleared large deadfall.

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