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Swan Rangers Ski Porcupine/Gildart Creek!

A sunny moment reflected in Porcupine Gildart Creek! (Keith Hammer photos)

Five Swan Rangers skied a ways up Porcupine Gildart Creek on a somewhat soggy Saturday, January 25, 2020!

They skied there via Porcupine Road and Porcupine Bridge, but have since learned that Porcupine Creek flows into Gildart Creek before flowing into the Swan River just upstream from Porcupine Bridge!


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Swan Rangers Ski Cottonwood Bottom!

Cottonwood Bottom (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers skied Cottonwood Bottom and beyond in Krause Basin on a snowy Saturday, January 18, 2020!

There are several feet of snow to be enjoyed and the creek crossings are totally snow-bridged!


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Swan Rangers Ski Foot of Broken Leg!

Weather brewing! (Pam Willison photo)

Six Swan Rangers skied along the foot of Broken Leg Mountain on a slightly sticky but snowy Saturday, January 11, 2020!

They skied the Bear Creek Road to where it becomes the Peterson Creek Trail and leaves the old roadbed.

Click here for a map of the Bear Creek Road and Peterson Creek Trail.

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Swan Rangers Hike Foothills Ski Area!

Still waiting for good skiing snow. (Joel Vignere photo)

Ten Swan Rangers hiked the Foothills Ski Area on a balmy, breezy Saturday, January 4, 2020!

Once North Shore Nordic begins grooming the trails, skis or snowshoes are required to protect the grooming and hole-poking hikers and dogs are prohibited.


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Swan Rangers Hike Elk Springs!

Swan Valley sunrise seen from Echo Lake Road. (Keith Hammer photo)

Nine Swan Rangers hiked to Elk Springs on a snow-spitting Saturday, December 28, 2019!

Snow depth went from skiff to gaiter-deep as the Rangers gained elevation!


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Swan Rangers Seek Solstice in Krause Basin!

Not all bears have denned yet! (Pam Willison photos)

Eight Swan Rangers went seeking Winter Solstice in Krause Basin and found it on Saturday, December 21, 2019!

Though warm and rainy at lower elevations, there is snow a bit higher in Krause Basin!


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Swan Rangers Hike-n-Saw Peterson Creek!

It's beginning to look a lot like winter! (Norma Linsky photos except one)

Eight Swan Rangers hiked and sawed open the Peterson Creek Trail on a snowy Saturday, December 14, 2019!

Skis may be in order very soon!

Click here for a map of the Peterson Creek Trail.

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Swan Rangers Hike Bear to Wolf!

All smiles in spite of the drip! (Pam Willison photos except one)

Seven Swan Rangers hiked from Bear Creek to Wolf Creek on a drippy Saturday, December 7, 2019!

They cut some "leaners" and brush from the old road, but had to leave a couple bigger downed trees for someone with a chain saw!


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Swan Rangers Klear North Krause!

Rangers willing to clear some trail! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers cleared trees from the trail up the North Fork or Krause Basin on an overcast-turned-sunny Saturday, November 30, 2019!

Wednesday brought another arctic blast of wind that toppled trees across power lines, garages and homes along Foothill Road, but Krause Basin thankfully fared a bit better.


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Swan Rangers Abandon Downfall Crawl!

Fall slash burning made for a golden "sucker hole" to the south! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers gave up on crawling over abundant downfall on the Echo-Broken Leg Trail on an overcast but pleasant Saturday, November 23, 2019!

They bushwacked downhill to the long-closed DNRC logging road that runs parallel to the trail and had an easier time of it!


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