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Swan Rangers Hike Crane Creek!

Smoke from spring burning limits the view of Flathead Lake. (Keith Hammer photos)

Ten Swan Rangers hiked Crane Creek on a sunny but hazy Saturday, April 28, 2018!

They hiked to the mouth of Crane Creek via the Flathead Lake Interpretive Trail, then crossed it higher up on the way to the Phillips Trail overlook!



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Swan Rangers Hike Estes Lake!

A view of Flathead Lake and Woods Bay. (Keith Hammer photos)

Five Swan Rangers hiked to Estes Lake from Woods Bay on a pleasant Saturday, April 21, 2018!

It was the first snow-free hike of the year with the first sighting of wildflowers!


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Swan Rangers Hike Johnson Creek Road!

"One mile at a time" or "we're #1?" (Joel Vignere photos)

Six Swan Rangers hiked the Johnson Creek Road on a warm and partly sunny Saturday, April 14, 2018!

Warm and partly sunny being gracious terms for this April in Montana!


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Swan Rangers Snowshoe North Krause!

You have to cross South Krause to get to North Krause! (Keith Hammer photos)

Eight Swan Rangers hiked and snowshoed up North Krause Creek while three skied at Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails on Saturday, April 7, 2018!

Hiking on the hard pack got a little iffy as the day warmed up and the snow softened!


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Swan Rangers Still Seeking Spring!

Arriving at Wolf Creek! (Keith Hammer photos)

Seven Swan Rangers went seeking signs of Spring on a frigid Saturday, March 31, 2018!

They found several interesting things while hiking on frozen boiler plate snow to Wolf Creek!


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Swan Rangers Ski Black Cottontail!

Streams are starting to thaw! (Keith Hammer photos unless otherwise noted)

Three Swan Rangers skied Cottonwood Bottom while six skied Blacktail Mountain Nordic Trails on a sunny-squally Saturday, March 24, 2018!

No bear tracks seen yet, but you might want to watch out for the wolverine in Krause Basin we've nicknamed "Bigfoot!"


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Swan Rangers Hike Swan River Nature Trail!

Sun and smiles along the Swan River Trail! (Norma Linsky photo)

Nine or so Swan Rangers scattered to the wind on a St. Patrick Saturday, March 17, 2018!

Most avoided boiler-plate snow skiing by hiking the Swan River Nature Trail upstream from Bigfork!


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Swan Rangers Find Spring Ski Conditions!

Spring ski conditions! (Keith Hammer  photos except last one)

Fourteen Swan Rangers found spring ski conditions in the Swan Range on a sunny Saturday, March 10, 2018!

Ten found them on the Peters Ridge Road and four found them at Bigfork Community Nordic Center!


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Swan Rangers Ski Cottonwood Powder!

Cottonwood Bottom in Krause Basin! (Keith Hammer photos except last one)

Seven Swan Rangers skied fresh powder through Cottonwood Bottom, two skied Strawberry Lake Road, and three skied the Bigfork Community Nordic Center on a sunny Saturday, March 3, 2018!

It was a great day of "pick your favorite" skiing in the Swan Range!

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Swan Rangers Seek Refuge!

The sun tried to make an appearance! (Keith Hammer photos)

Eight Swan Rangers skied the Swan River Wildlife Refuge on a gray Saturday, February 24, 2018!

There was no wind and no open water to cross!

Click here for info about the Swan River Wildlife Refuge.


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