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Swan Rangers See Wildlife After Wild Weather!

Rain storm crossing the Flathead Valley by Pat Jaquith.

Swan Rangers saw lots of wildlife during their outings in the week ending Saturday, September 4, 2021!

Click here or scroll down for the Rangers' photos and details!

Pat Jaquith captured the wild weather of late last week in our lead photo  . . .

. . . after which sunny, cool weather provided clear vistas like this view of the Swan Range from the confluence of Mill Creek and the Flathead River by Keith Hammer.


Norma Linsky hoped to see wildlife in this wet meadow in Glacier Park . . .


. . . while Pam Willison saw wildlife along the ridge of Mt. Aeneas, which included . . .


. . . Dusky grouse and . . .


. . . mountain goat!


Christin Rzasa also saw a mountain goat during her backpack trip to Lower Aero Lake in the Beartooths.


Two Rangers sent in photos of Great blue herons; Ruth Quist . . .


. . . and Pam Willison.


These coyotes let Pat Jaquith know what they thought of her intrusion into their habitat while . . .


. . . Pat intruded only close enough for a good photo of this Banded garden spider wrapping its prey in silk "before injecting it with venom that liquifies the interior before slurping it up!"


A few Rangers tested out life on the wild side when they found a swing along a trail on Crane Mountain!


Keith Hammer spent a couple days cutting brush back from the Peters Ridge Trail as part of the Swan Rangers in Service program, another way to spend quality time on one of his favorite mountainsides!

If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

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