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Swan Rangers Ski Cottonwood Bottom!

Cottonwood Bottom (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers skied Cottonwood Bottom and beyond in Krause Basin on a snowy Saturday, January 18, 2020!

There are several feet of snow to be enjoyed and the creek crossings are totally snow-bridged!


Always up for a good time in Krause Basin, even if it means . . .


. . . skiing the Guantlet of the Ghouls . . . 


. . . alongside Krause Canyon . . .


. . . and near a tree poised on its launch pad!


While the rest went around the downed tree, this Ranger demonstrated the benefits of yoga, stretching and will power!


Nothing like a good face-plant . . .


. . . to put a little color in your cheeks!


Nothing like Krause Basin to put a smile on your face!


The Swan Rangers meet every Saturday at the Echo Lake Cafe for breakfast at 8:30, leaving at 9:30 for a partial day outing in the northern Swan Mountains and foothills.

They carpool from the Swan River School parking lot next to the Cafe.

When recreating in bear country, remember to carry bear spray and avoid the 3-D's: dawn, dusk, and darkness.

Everyone is welcome!

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