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Swan Rangers Hike Bear to Patterson!

Meadow Rue. (Keith Hammer photos)

Eight Swan Rangers hiked from Bear Creek to Patterson Creek on a sunny Saturday, May 4, 2019!

There are many green things sprouting from the forest floor - oh, and ticks!

Click here for a map of the Bear Creek Road and Peterson Creek Trail.


Swan Rangers perfectly spaced; like birds on a telephone wire!


The road, which is closed to motor vehicles until July 1, quickly crosses Bear Creek . . .


. . . then Peterson Creek near the end of the road.


Then it's old roadbed and trail to reach Patterson Creek!


There are just a few glipses of Ferndale and Flathead Lake, but lots of details along the way to be discovered, like . . .


. . . sprouting larch needles . . .


. . . fresh mountain maple leaves . . .


. . . kinnikinnick . . .


. . . and ponderosa pine cones.


However, it looks like something bad went "down" for this bird!


The Swan Rangers meet every Saturday at the Echo Lake Cafe for breakfast at 7:30, leaving at 8:30 for a partial day outing in the northern Swan Mountains and foothills.

They carpool from the Swan River School parking lot next to the Cafe.

When hiking in bear country, remember to carry bear spray and avoid the 3-D's: dawn, dusk, and darkness.

Everyone is welcome!

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