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Swan Rangers Continue Winter Saga!

Early morning ski by Chris Gotschalk.

With snow remaining on the ground since early November in NW Montana, Swan Rangers continued their Winter saga with outings this past week!

Click here or scroll down for the Rangers' photos and details!

In our lead photo, Chris Gotschalk shows us the rewards of getting up early to ski the Swan Range high country!


Keith Hammer shows us just the beginning of evening colors on a peak in Glacier National Park, and . . .


. . . a broader mid-day view as well!


Keith reminds us that the ice is not off the rivers yet, but there are some signs of thaw!


Norma Linsky's photo shows a couple of nice avalanche chutes on a peak in Glacier Park nearer the Continental Divide!


Pat Jaquith frames a peak in the Swan Range with Cottonwood trees!


Ruth Quist's photo reminds us there was a full moon this past week and that there are still no needles on the Larch trees to block it!


Gary Macfarlane promises he was a safe distance from this moose in Idaho because he took it through the front window of his home!


Bob Hammer photographed these northward-migrating Snow geese in the Skagit Valley of Washington while . . .


. . . Michael Turner had to migrate temporarily to South Korea to prove Spring is on its way with this photo of Cherry blossoms!


In our parting shot, Sallie Gratch notes that pollution adds to this sunset near Evanston, IL - and it looks like jet contrails add some flare as well!

This article published on March 11, 2023 • [Permalink]