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Swan Rangers Contemplate Life and Death!

Mountain maple seeds by Keith Hammer.

Swan Rangers saw signs of both life and death during their outings this past week!

Click here or scroll down for the Rangers' photos and details!

In our lead photo, Keith Hammer captured the formation and ripening of Mountain maple seeds.


He also saw a mother Mountain goat keeping its young from sliding off the steep hillside during nap time and . . .


. . . a not-so-lucky Bumble bee caught in the jaws of a Crab spider!


Pat Jaquith's photos remind us that life goes on as a Swainson's thrush heads to its nest with a beak full of food and . . .


. . . a Dusky grouse does its mating puff-up and fan!


Skip Via sent in photos of Wild hollyhock and . . .


. . . Foam flower, in what he calls the "cute phase" of making those sticky (a.k.a. Trail plant/Pathfinder plant) seeds that stick to your pants and socks!


Ruth Quist traveled over the Great Divide to bring back this photo of Yucca flowers!


Keith Hammer thinks this Salsify looks well prepared to cast its seed while . . .


. . . Dani Mayberry reminds us of the incredible landscape where this all plays out . . .


. . . as does Debra Schweitzer!


In our parting shot, Norma Linsky provides us a fleeting glimpse of a couple fledgling Swan Rangers!

If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on July 16, 2022 • [Permalink]