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Paul Zalis


Paul Zalis, broadcast producer, and his wife,  Barbara Lemmick, a teacher and well-known artist are from Somers.

"We still recall our first sight of the pristine Swan ridge line crowning Swan Lake.  It was love at first sight...

The Swan is and will always be a special place for us, as it is for so many, many others. It is one of those places that make Montana, Montana. In recent years, as many new people move to our state, and basically re-create the landscape and lifestyles they left, it is vital to hold on to what is the best of Montana. It seems an easy choice:   We can let development and what seems an exploding population chip away at what brought many of us here, or we can champion and preserve what is worth protecting."

This article published on July 20, 2012 • [Permalink]