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Amanda Kimmel



Amanda Kimmel, 20, of Bigfork, loves to hike and snowshoe in the Swan Mountains. She also happens to be 2005 Miss Montana USA and Ms. American International. 

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Emily Gustafson


"I set up my home and successful massage practice in the Swan Mountain foothills to have easy access to hiking in the backcountry. I find more peace hiking in a quiet environment than in any other thing I do. I worked hard to achieve this dream and I hope the Forest Service does not crush it by allowing ATVs and snowmobiles to disturb the peace of people and animals."

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Jim Cossitt, attorney, hiker and skier, Kalispell


"The rate of growth in the Flathead Valley is resulting in many more people using the Swan Range. This includes both motorized and non motorized users."

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George Cecil, Businessman


"It's an awesome experience to be able to so quickly leave a sometimes chaotic life in the Flathead Valley and within a half hour be experiencing Mother Nature at her very best.  These experiences allow you to get re-centered on what is really important in life. What could be more devastating to these brief, peaceful moments in Valhalla than the ear-shattering roar of a motorcycle or ATV tearing up a foot or stock trail. The peace and quiet is immediately shattered, the quiet moment is ruined."

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Charlie Abell, Whitefish Credit Union


"Our future economic prosperity depends in part on protecting all of our public lands."

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Elmer Sprunger & His Son, Jerry

After a long life of enjoying and defending the Swan Range, Elmer Sprunger passed away in August of 2007.

His son, Jerry, continues the family tradition of providing cartoons for the Bigfork Eagle.

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