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Swan Rangers See Things Great and Small!

Blanket flower by Ruth Quist

Swan Rangers saw things from great to small during their outings this past week!

Click here or scroll down for the Rangers' photos and details!

Ruth Quist starts us out mid-size and colorful with her photo of Blanket flowers, above.


Pat Jaquith focuses on the details of this Ichneumon wasp laying eggs in a leaf with its ovipositor!


Pam Willison provides a good look at a spider web casting a rainbow!


Pat Jaquith also got a good photo of a Snowberry clearwing moth on a Thimbleberry leaf!


Ruth Quist reminds us Summer is moving along with her photo of Pasqueflower going to seed, while . . .


. . . Norma Linsky came upon a lingering patch of what appears to be Pacific coralroot!


Debra Schweitzer puts things in perspective with her photo of a Whitetail buck along a lakeshore in Glacier National Park!


In our parting shot, Norma Linsky indeed reminds us that all that little stuff takes place in a really big landscape!

If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on July 23, 2022 • [Permalink]