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Swan Rangers Have Busy Week!

The view from Elk Springs! (Pam Willison photo)

Swan Rangers took numerous hikes and did some trail work in the week ending Saturday, July 18, 2020!

Click here or scroll down for their photos and details!

While the Swan Ranger Saturday group outings remain suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will get a report out each week with items of interest to folks trying to get outside for some "social distancing" and spirit-calming fresh air.

Pam, Norma, Pat, and Mary hiked a loop from Bear Creek to Wolf Creek then up to Elk Springs and back down "the ridge." The old road was lined with blooming mountain spray . . .


. . . and a little sweet-smelling Syringa here and there.


They also came across this beautiful Pyrola picta! (Pam Willison photos)


Joel Vignere hiked up to Crater Notch and sent in this great photo . . .


. . . while Pam and Keith hiked up Peters Ridge to Bee Notch on the Swan Crest. (Keith Hammer photo)


Debra Schweitzer sent in these photos from her hike with friends to Howe Lake . . .


. . . and Matejka Cabin in Glacier National Park!


Norma Linsky also hiked to Scalplock Lookout in Glacier National Park. She sent in these two great mountain shots . . .


. . . from that hike!


Pam found 16 round-leaved orchids in a group hidden beneath a junper bush in the Foothills Road ditch! Can you find the six orchid flower spikes in this Keith Hammer photo, including the one named Waldo?


Keith spent a big chunk of Saturday digging out water bars in the first stretch of the Peters Ridge Trail to curb erosion.


He also hacked down and raked up the tall grass at the trailhead so hotly-parked cars wouldn't catch the grass on fire as it soon dries out. Never park a hot car in dry grass that can touch the exhaust system. You can see a couple spots in this photo where parked car engine heat killed the green grass down to the ground.


Keith's reward for waking up at 4:30 was to see the crescent moon and Venus rising over the Swan Range just ahead of the rising sun!


The Swan Ranger Saturday group outings remain suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you have interesting photos of your socially distant times outdoors, send them along with a description to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!



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