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Swan Rangers Encounter Creeks, Sticks and Ticks!

Birch Creek (Keith Hammer photo)

Swan Rangers encountered rising creeks, fallen sticks and crawling ticks in the week ending May 9, 2020!

Click here or scroll down for their reports and photos!

While the Swan Ranger Saturday group outings remain suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will get a report out each week with items of interest to folks trying to get outside for some "social distancing" and spirit-calming fresh air.

Chris and Fawn hiked the Crater Notch Trail, reporting "The first switchback had been cleared of trees and was easy walking. Either the saw or the sawyer ran out of gas and switchbacks 2 through 6 were pretty easy over unders . . . (Chris Gotschalk photos)


. . . Got to about 1/8 mi from the lunch spot and encountered a pileup we didn’t want to deal with."


Keith and Pam (and separately Bob Muth) hiked as far as Deer Creek on the Echo - Broken Leg Trail, which someone has cut open almost to Deer Creek. (Keith Hammer photos)


Deer Creek - always a wonderful bonus to a nice hike!


Birch catkins alongside Birch Creek!




Keith returned the next day to reestablish trail tread through root wad holes and around immovable root wads.


Keith and Pam found Strawberry Lake Road cut mostly clear of deadfall but muddy and rutted. They heard Strawberry Lake Trail is full of blown down trees and found Cottonwood Bottom still full of snow!


Joel reported: "Hiked Lakeside-Blacktail today to about 1/3 mile above saddle. Snow beyond that point and quite a few trees on trail. Don't believe I have ever seen a quad Glacier Lily before." (Joel Vignere photo)


Chris and Fawn found "about a dozen" ticks. While Keith found only one, he still left his hiking clothes out on the porch!

The Swan Ranger Saturday group outings remain suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you have interesting photos of your socially distant times outdoors, send them along with a description to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

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