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Swan Rangers Beat the Heat!

Mountain goat by Lynn Smith.

Swan Rangers learned from wildlife as they tried to beat the heat as temperatures rose during their outings this past week!

Click here or scroll down for the Rangers' photos and details!

In our lead photo, Lynn Smith shows us a Mountain goat hanging out near a snowbank and trying to shed its winter coat to keep cool!


Lynn Smith also shows us some mountain sheep taking a nap near a snowbank to keep cool!


Ruth Quist found this Ruddy duck keeping cool in its native habitat and . . .


. . . a Hummingbird staying outside the deer-proof fence while feeding on a potted plant!


Pam Willison found this American lady butterfly enjoying her Lavender!


Pat Jaquith found this Gray catbird feeding on a Nightshade berry . . .


. . . an Epipactis gigantea trying to stay cool in its wetland habitat (hence its common name Streamside orchid) . . .


. . . and shade-loving Ghost pipe/Indian pipe!


Keith Hammer found some shade-loving Pinedrops and . . .


. . .  a big patch of Brown-eyed Susans in a wet seep!


Skip Via found some Birds-foot trefoil and . . .


. . . some St. John's wort!


Lynn Smith proves the point that not all Indian paintbrush is red!


In our parting shot, Keith Hammer asks "Just how hot are you" and wonders weather you would walk across the logs or get your feet cooled down?

If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on July 22, 2023 • [Permalink]