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Swan Rangers Aren’t the Only Tree-Huggers!

"You better not cut this tree!" (Norma Linsky photo)

Among this week's Swan Ranger reports and photos is a bear hugging a tree marked for logging!

Click here or scroll down for more details, Keith and Pam's report on the Hall Lake Trail, Stuart's trip to Spotted Bear, and Joel's stay-at-home bird photography!

While the Swan Ranger Saturday group outings remain suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will get a report out each week with items of interest to folks trying to get outside for some "social distancing" and spirit-calming fresh air.

Norma and her dog Micah came across the tree-hugging black bear pictured above during their hike on State land near Foy's Canyon Road.


Stuart Cole snapped this nice photo of Upper Twin Creek on his way to Spotted Bear . . .


. . . while Joel Vignere didn't even leave home to see a bunch of western tanagers (one pictured here) and yellow-rumped warblers!


Keith and Pam hiked as far as Groom Creek on the Hall Lake Trail, choosing to turn around rather than get their feet wet crossing. Someone has sawn the trail open through the Sixmile Fuels Reduction logging unit, where the blowdown is the worst and more logging is proposed, then there are just a few fallen trees to work around between there and Groom Creek. (Keith Hammer photos)


They found this nurse log giving life to a new tree near Groom Creek, providing testimony to the value of logs left lying around in the woods!


They found that not only are the hucklberries blooming, they are setting fruit!


The trail on the north slope above Groom Creek is lined with trillium, only a few of which are getting that wonderful past-prime purple tinge!


That same slope is sporting freshly emerged ferns unrolling their fiddleheads!


Flowers along the way included Canada violets . . .


. . . clematis . . .


. . . fairy bells . . .


. . . and meadow rue!


But they stumbled opon this Calypso orchid (a.k.a. fairy slipper) in the woods behind their house!

The Swan Ranger Saturday group outings remain suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you have interesting photos of your socially distant times outdoors, send them along with a description to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on May 23, 2020 • [Permalink]