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Swan Rangers Hit by Deja Vu - Again!

Swan Crest near sunset by Keith Hammer.

Swan Rangers experienced another cycle of snow followed by warm, rain and fog during their outings this past week!

Click here or scroll down for the Rangers' photos and details!

In our lead photo, Keith Hammer shows us the weather cycle did have its sunny moments, as does . . .


. . . Dee Blank, who got above the valley fog!


Keith Hammer found a day later in the week when the valley fog burned off, showing that there is snow up high in the Swan Range but not in the valley bottom!


Mary Via shows some great skiing early in the week while, just a day later . . .


. . . Chris Gotschalk captured the moment the snow went from fun to not!


Ruth Quist shows us a Raven basking in the fog while . . .


. . . Pat Jaquith helps us tell the difference between an immature Bald eagle and . . .


. . . a mature one.


Keith Hammer shows us how low clouds and fog can make the sun look like a full moon while . . .


. . . Norma Linsky found a waterfall caught in the process of deciding whether to freeze up or not!


Marilyn Wood issues another reminder that bears are not all in their dens yet, in enough detail that one can read the lines in this bear's foot pad and perhaps predict when it will den!


In our parting shot, Pat Jaquith shows us an Evening grosbeak apparently not amused by jokes about how many grosbeaks it takes to screw in a lightbulb!

If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on December 16, 2023 • [Permalink]